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Full Service Groom

First, your pet receives a full grooming prep.

This includes shaving the hairs from the pads of the feet. Clipping the excess hair from the sanitary area. Clipping the hair from the stomach and the tush area.

The ears are cleaned and excess hair plucked from ear canal.

The nails are trimmed.

Your pet is bathed in warm water with high quality, botanical shampoo (should you wish, pet conditioner is applied at no additional cost)


Your pet is blow dried and then after the bath we will hand scissor or shave the body where appropriate and per breed specifications and/or to your instructions.


We’ll also trim the feet, rounding or shaping them as per the breed specifications.


We’ll lightly trim face and remove any stray fuzziness on the body to create a clean appearance.

Rates vary by breed

Call/text or email (KodasZoomAndGroom@gmail.com) for rates 224-441-5700