Essential Oils

How might a groomer use aromatherapy?


Essential oils can be diffused to deodorize and sanitize the air. Used solely for fragrance, an essential blend can create an aromatic calming atmosphere..


On the table, aromatherapy can also be used to help calm the dogs. Essential oils can also be added to a shampoo or conditioner base to help with skin and coat health.

As the aromatherapy marketplace has become crowded, there is some
confusion, inconsistency, and "hype" in claims about aromatherapy products
and how they are marketed.


There are three basic grades of essential oils, industrial grade used in cleaning products and industrial applications, food grade regulated by the FDA and used in foods, and therapeutic grade used in aromatherapy.

We always select Essential Oils that are 100% pure and, whenever possible, we select ones that are Certified Organic to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals that could sometimes be used in the cultivation of the source botanical.

There are no aromatherapy police, so maintain our integrity, we purchase from a reputable source, Mountain Rose Herbs.