Breed Specific Groom

First, your pet receives full grooming prep. This includes shaving the hair from the pads of their feet. Clipping the excess hair from the tummy and the tush areas. This is also known as a sanitary trim.

The ears are cleaned and excess hair plucked from ear canal.

The nails are trimmed.


Your pet is bathed in warm water with high quality, botanical shampoo (should you wish, pet conditioner is applied at no additional cost)


Your pet is blow dried and then after the bath we’ll begin the grooming.


Your pet is groomed to the pattern for his/her breed by using special clipping equipment or hand stripping if so desired (additional cost).


To complete the groom, your pets coat is hand scissored or the use of thinning shears are used to create a symmetrical and attractive finish.

Rates vary by breed

Call/text or email ( for rates 224-441-5700