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Full Service Groom
Breed Specific Groom
Bath & Brush

Healthy Skin and Coat
Professional pet grooming involves using dog-specific shampoos that are designed to keep their skin and coat healthy. The process of scrubbing, blow drying, and brushing removes dead skin and excess hair, allowing a dog's skin to breathe and continue to produce new, healthy hair.

Fresh Smelling
Contrary to belief, dogs shouldn't smell bad. The "dog" smell that everyone is so used to is usually just the result of a dirty or not properly groomed dog. Dogs don't enjoy smelling bad any more than you do, so make sure a professional groomer is working to keep the dog smell out of your house and your dog's hair. The result will be a happier pooch and a happier home.

Reduced Shedding
Every clump of hair that comes out in the groomer's brush is a clump of hair that won't end up on your couch. A lot of excess hair is removed in the blow drying and brushing phases of grooming, which means less hair around your home and on your furniture.

Preventative Care
Like humans, dogs have ailments that can sometimes be spotted by physical examination. A groomer may be able to pick up on skin issues or even an internal issue if something doesn't feel right on your dog's skin. Professional grooming is just as much a part of pet health care as visits to the vet.

No Mats!
If your dog has a fine or curly coat, it's important to be on the lookout for mats, which are tangled balls of fur that can pull on your pet's skin and result in discomfort and pain. Over time, these mats can turn into sores or hiding spots for ticks and fleas. Quality veterinary care will recommend regular grooming to avoid this.

Just as every dog owner has a responsibility to take their dog for walks every day, they have a responsibility to keep up with regular grooming.


Remember: pet health care is more than simply scheduling regular veterinary visits!


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Totally self contained spa on wheels: Climate controlled system ensures year round comfort.
  • Spa has air conditioning and heat.

  • Full size bathtub to accommodate larger pets.

  • Hydraulic table to assist pets stepping up to the grooming table and into tub.

  • Hydro surge bathing system gives invigorating massage while thoroughly cleaning pets.

  • High velocity dryer.

  • Water tanks are filled with fresh water daily before coming to you.